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What Are The Choices For Synchronizing My Data?

In order to synchronize your data, you must own BrokerForce™EnterpriseBrokerForce™Team and BrokerForce™Solo owners are eligible for upgrade discounts when moving from their current version to BrokerForce™Enterprise.

1st Scenario -- All of my computers running BrokerForce™Team are located in my office.

If all of your computers are in one geographical location, you have the option of using a LAN Local Area Network where one set of data is accessible to multiple users connected to the network.

2nd Scenario -- I do not have a LAN, or I have a LAN, but I would also like to synchronize with computers outside of the office that do not connect to the LAN. For example, I want to synchronize with reps in the field who do not come into the office everyday and are using their own replicas of the data.

Internet Synchronization, is the fastest and most cost efficient. Using Internet Synchronization, you can synchronize your data anywhere and anytime that you can make a connection to the Internet! Internet Synchronization eliminates the the hassle of scheduling synchronizations; the cost of additional phone lines and long distance charges; and it is 50 times faster than Remote Access Services that require an uninterrupted, direct-dial-up connection between synchronizing computers. (Imagine a 1 minute long distance call as opposed to a 1 hr long distance call!). 


For more tips on synchronizing your data see:

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