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BrokerForce® - Drop Rep Request Form
Complete and submit this form to request that an agency representative or computer be removed from the ability to Internet synchronize
to the agency's set of data. If security is an issue, you may want to consider a lockout however, this would incur additional fees.Rep End Date
There are no additional fees for dropping reps from synchronization if a lockout is not requested.

In lieu of a lock out, enter an End Date on the representative form in BrokerForce. Partial replicas cannot modify this date. Once this date is picked up on the next synchronization, that replica cannot synchronize using BrokerForce after that date and that data cannot be accessed with BrokerForce on that compuater after 30 days after it's last synchronization.

A lockout requires that all users be locked out and that trusted users be let back in through the issuance and running of a stamp file that serves as a security key. Lockouts can be carried out within two business days with the required list of all trusted users to be let back in. The list must include the name and current e-mail address or each user to be let back in.

The first instance of a lock out will be provided as a free service. A per stamp fee will be assessed for redistribution of the security key
to all remaining users in the circle of trust for subsequent lockouts.
A 30 day notice before the next billing cycle is required to drop a rep from the invoice for synchronization.
Your Information:  
Company Name*  
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My E-mail Address*    

User/Rep Information:
First Name*  
Last Name*  
E-mail Address*    
Last day to sync*  
      Is this rep being locked out?* 
      Should this rep be contacted to remove the BrokerForce program and data from their computer? 
Use the area below for comments, requests etc.
Note: BrokerForce nor its employees are responsible for the relationship between representatives and their agencies
including the installation, removal, or use of the software and data. Agencies are responsible for their own data and
the sharing of their data with their reps and any other parties. BrokerForce nor its employees will not make the agency's
data available to any third party including agency representatives without the written request and authorization of the
agency principal or their designated agents.

When you're ready to add someone as a replacement:
1. Add the new rep's contact information on the contact form in BrokerForce
2. After you save this new contact record, select your company from the drop list and select the rep's position from the drop list. Click Add.
3. Click the Representative tab on the top tab strip. Adjust the commission split and rep related information for the new rep
4. Go to the customer form, and locate an account of the former rep
5. Right-click on the rep's name and select Filter by Selection. Alternatively, you could filter by a city, state, zip, or other field if you like.
6. Change the rep assignment to the new name.
7. Answer Yes if you want this change cascaded to all the customers within that filter.
8. Synchronize your changes to the Internet
9. After you assign the new reps accounts and synchronize: complete a new data request.

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