How to add a vendor to the <Vendor> drop list on orders in BrokerForce®

If a vendor is shown on the vendor form but appears to be missing as a selection for orders; the agency <Line Card> check box is not checked for this vendor.

  1. Click on <Vendor> tab
  2. Click <Setup> tab on the vendor form.
  3. Place check in <Line card> check box to include the vendor or remove the check to exclude the vendor
  4. Click <Exit>, <Return to Program> so that the list of vendors on the order form will refresh itself.

When you wish to add a new vendor, enter the vendor name, phone and address, then click the edit pencil at the top of the long vertical gray bar at left.  When you do this, you will be prompted for all the vendor setup information including that the vendor should be included on your agency line card.

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