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Why does a customer show in my replica when I am not their rep?

Two desirable things that are opposed to each other required a compromise in the design of BrokerForce.

First, all orders in BrokerForce require a rep and a customer assignment by design.  It would create accounting havoc if this were not true.

Second, reps and their agencies find it very helpful for the rep to see the entire order history of a newly assigned customer.   When a customer is assigned to a rep, the customer record goes into the data set of that rep.  All of that customer's order history is then pulled into that rep's partial replica by design.

What happens when a rep is assigned to an order that is not the same rep that is assigned to that customer? 

Since a rep should be able to see every order that they are credited for; the above order is pulled into that rep's data set.  Further, since an order can not exist without a customer, the customer record is now pulled into the data set of that rep. 

In the design of the program, it was determined that the benefit of having a new rep see a customer's entire order history when a rep assumes a new territory outweighs the cost of some reps having access to some data that might not otherwise be intended for them.

What can be done about it? Please request a new data set to correct this issue

  1. Do not assign an order or a customer to a rep that uses a partial replica unless you want them to see that customer and that order. If the partial replica was maded with Drift, the entire order history of that customer will be seen by that customer.
  2. Archive old data so that obsolete offending records are removed and request a new set of data be made for the rep.
  3. Consider deleting the offending order even though it might adversely affect your accounting and request a new set of data.  This would be undesirable if the order has already been paid to the rep and you want your vendor and rep payment histories to be balanced.
  4. Delete the offending order and make two adjusting entries (debit and credit) under a neutral customer record that won't matter e.g. "My Generic Customer".  Be sure to make a note about this on the adjusting entries.

How can I find the erroneous order?

In a full replica, go to the record of the customer that is showing in the wrong rep's set of data, click on the <Orders> list tab, right-click on the correct rep's name in the list, and select <Filter Excluding Selection>.  This will show only orders that are not assigned to the rep that is currently assigned to that customer.

If no orders show, then problem has since been corrected and requesting a new partial replica is likely to resolve the issue.

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