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Why can't I copy and paste an e-mail address from BrokerForce® into the address of an e-mail?

In some cases, you can not paste an e-mail address from BrokerForce® into other e-mail programs.  BrokerForce® stores e-mail addresses in a special format that separates display text and the e-mail address.  If you right-click on an address in BrokerForce, select <Copy> and then paste it into your e-mail, and the address does not appear correctly, the instructions below should help.

If you right-click on an e-mail address or hyperlink in BrokerForce®, select <Edit Hyperlink> instead of <Copy> and you will see these two components of the address. The address can be copied and pasted from this dialog or, if the display text is the same as the address, that can be copied and pasted instead.

If you click an e-mail address in BrokerForce®, that address alone will be pasted into a new e-mail for you.  If you need to have more than one address added to a new e-mail, BrokerForce® version 2.58 or greater includes an <E-mail> button next to the e-mail address on the customer form.  This button will copy and paste any e-mail addresses within the form's filter into a new e-mail.

Alternatively, if the <Contact List> tab is selected on the customer form, the <E-mail> button to the left of the Contact List will copy and paste the addresses from the Contacts subform into a new e-mail.  The Contact List subform can also be filtered by selection so that a more select group of contact addresses is added to the new e-mail.

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