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How do I Fix Application Setup Errors?

While Displaying Copying Files, Please Stand By.... (or immediately after) the following message is displayed:

Cannot start main setup program! (CreateProcess() returned error code 0x000000C1H)

If the symptom occurred after a previous installation attempt of the same application failed (for example, the computer stopped responding during setup), follow these steps:

On the target computer, search for a copy of the application's .cab file(s) in the Windows folder (or Winnt folder on NT or Windows 2000).  The name of the file is BrokerForce®.cab.  If found, delete the file(s). Setup places the .cab file(s) in the Windows or Winnt folder and removes them at the end of a successful setup. However, if the installation program exits abnormally, the .cab files may be left on the system.

In the Windows\Temp folder (or the folder specified by the TEMP environment variable on NT or Windows 2000), look for a subfolder named Msftqws.pdw. If found, delete the subfolder. On the target computer, locate the following files. If any of these files have a size of 0 bytes, delete the file:

\Windows\System\Vb6stkit.dll (or \Winnt\System32\Vb6stkit.dll)

\Windows\St6unst.exe (or \Winnt\St6unst.exe)

When all of the files, if present, are deleted run setup again.


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