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How do I Fix Required Registry Information if Missing?

  1. The installation of Office Premium probably installed a partial version of Access that overwrote the registry entries for the Microsoft Access 2000 Runtime included with the BrokerForce® installation.

    To resolve this:
  2. You will need your Office 2000 Premium installation CDs and the BrokerForce® installation CD
  3. Insert the Office 2000 Premium disk into the drive and when prompted, select <Add/Remove Features>.  Your choice is to either select <Run All From my Computer> for Access or to make it <Unavailable>.
  4. Synchronize to a base replica so that you have a backup of your data
  5. Use <Add/Remove> programs in the control panel to remove DF BrokerForce® and Microsoft Access 2000 Runtime.  You will receive some prompts regarding that not all files could be removed when you remove BrokerForce® (your data will not be removed).  When prompted for removing shared files, remove them all, they are only BrokerForce® files that will be replace in latter steps
  6. Remove the 2000 CD and restart the computer
  7. Insert the BrokerForce® CD and it will auto-run.  If you removed your copy of Access, you will be prompted that the application needs Microsoft Access to run and that installation will begin.  After you a message that "Microsoft Access 2000 Runtime Setup completed successfully" restart your computer.  Setup will resume with the BrokerForce® installation.  After that completes successfully, run your last update.  Open BrokerForce®, point to your data, and you should be good to go.
  8. If you chose to run-all from my computer with your copy of Access, you must delete your BrokerForce® shortcuts that were not removed by the application removal.  When the setup of BrokerForce® runs, it will install without prompting for Access since it is already on the computer.  After this completes, run your latest update, open BrokerForce® and point to your data.

Here is a link that will redirect you to the Microsoft knowledge base article regarding this topic.  http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;230838&Product=acc2000

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