Font Installation

How Do I Install a Barcode Font for use with BrokerForce®?

Barcodes cannot be viewed without installing the correct font on your computer. Bar codes are type fonts just like Time Roman, Arial, etc… If you have not already done so, please run these instructions yourself. Forward this message to your customer only if you are e-mailing the customer a PDF file with barcodes. These fonts are not embeded in PDF files sent from BrokerForce because security software and firewalls block them.  Follow the instructions below for your version of MS Windows.

3 bar code fonts are supported by BrokerForce: UPCA, Free3of9, and EAN.

Begin by downloading this file to your computer desktop:

For Windows 10, 8, and 7:

1) Double-click on or <Open> the file you downloaded

2) Double-click on the font, click <Install> at upper left of the next window. Repeat for all 3 fonts

3) You can delete the file from your desktop

For more information about printing barcodes, see the : Printing Bar Codes FAQ

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