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How to install BrokerForce™ with another version of Access on the same computer

BrokerForce™ II requires the installation Microsoft Access 2000.  If this is not installed, a runtime version of the program is included with the BrokerForce program installation.  If it is installed, BrokerForce setup will proceed with the program installation and rely on your installation of Microsoft Access 2000.

If you have an installation of any other version of Microsoft Access, your shortcuts to you other Access programs may not work properly and you may get a message that your program can't be opened.  Shortcuts to MS Access programs should always explicitly declare what version of Access they are to use.  Unfortunately, some programmers overlook this.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Right-click on the Windows <Start> button
  2. Select <Explore> and navigate to the Access database file that you opened with your copy of Microsoft Access
  3. Right-click on the file, select <Open With>, <Choose Program>, place a check in <Always Use this Program>, and select your version of Microsoft Access. 
  4. If you select the wrong one, you will get an error message and will have to retry steps 1-3.


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