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Can I sub-rep for another agency?

BrokerForce™ supports the organization of lines by agency so that you can print reports for lines that you are sub-repping or otherwise sharing.á

The easiest way to keep track of orders for lines that you share with another agency is to create a user defined field named Agency for the Vendor form. This new field (control) can be used to filter forms and reports for lines from different agencies.

  1. On the main tab strip, click a tab other than <Vendor>.
  2. Click <Tools>, <Setup>.  You will be prompted to enter the agency password if you haven't done so already.
  3. In the lower right-hand quadrant of the My Company Setup form, select or enter "Agency" from the Field 1 for Vendors drop list.  Press <Alt-C> to close the form.

Tag Vendors for their respective agency

  1. Click the <Vendor> tab
  2. Select a vendor or a line that you are sharing or enter a new vendor record
  3. In the upper right, enter the Agency name for lines (vendors) that are not your agency's primary lines.  After a designation is entered once, it will be available as a selection from the Agency drop list.

Several reports can be filtered by the Agency designation.  One of the useful reports for this purpose is the Orders Journal report that is printed from the Vendor form.  This report can be provided by you to the primary agency on a monthly or weekly basis as a summary of orders that have been submitted by you on behalf of the other agency.

  1. On the Vendor form, select the "Orders Journal" report from the Orders form.  Note the designation that this "Report can by filtered by form."
  2. Move to a vendor record that is for another agency that you would like to create the report for.
  3. If you want to print the report for just this vendor, preview and print the report.  If you want to print the report for all vendors that are the other agency's, right-click on the agency name in the Agency field in the upper right and select <Filter by Selection>.  Adjust any other report preferences such as date range, sorting, and grouping as appropriate
  4. Preview and print the report.

If you sub-rep one or more lines, you can use the primary agency's check number that your are paid by as the vendor's payment number (VPmtNo) for each of those lines.  A vendor payment number must only be unique for an individual vendor, it will not matter that multiple vendors have the same number.

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