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How Do I Insert Logos in BrokerForce® ?

Logos can be inserted into the logo control on either the My Company Setup form (<Tools>, <Setup>) or on the Vendor form for use with orders and other reports.  When a logo is displayed, it is displayed in a zoom mode.  That is, each of these controls displays the entire object, resizing it as necessary without distorting the proportions of the object. This setting may leave extra space in the control if the control is resized. 

The agency logo is restricted to printing within a 1"x 3" area on orders and reports while vendor Logos are restricted to 1"x 1.5".  If a logo is omitted, the report or order will adjust to fill the space allocated.  If you are creating your own logo, keep in mind the resolution of your printer.  Typically, laser jet printers produce a very good quality of line art at 300 dots per inch (dpi).  Therefore, your agency logo can be up to 300 pixels high by 900 pixels wide at 300 dpi.

To copy and paste a vendor logo:

  1. On the vendor form, go to the vendor that you would like to add a logo for
  2. Click the <Logo> tab in upper right of the form.
  3. Go to the web site of the vendor, right-click on their logo, and select <Copy> image
  4. Right-click on the <Logo> control in BrokerForce, select <Paste>
  5. Most images paste without issue.  However, if you get an error message that an "OLE Object" is not supported, you will have to paste the logo into MS Paint (<Start>, <Programs>, <Accessories>, <Paint>.  Do a <File Save-As> and save the file as a Bit Map file format.  Right-click on the <Logo> control in BrokerForce, select <Insert Object>, and browse to the bitmap file your created.

Tip: Small file size like jpg, gif, or png load faster on reports 15k or smaller is recommended.

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