How to Merge customer or vendor records in replicated data

Merging customer or vendor records with a synchronizing database requires attention to detail to avoid synchronization conflicts.  Reps with partial replicas can not carry out this process, only a user (agency) with a full replica can.
Merging customers/vendors with BrokerForce Enterprise:
  1. Internet synchronize and be sure that the rep(s) whose accounts that you are merging also Internet synchronizes.  All other computers with full replicas should also be synchronized.  This includes BrokerForce data sets. 
  2. Inform the rep(s) which account will be removed and that no records related to that customer/vendor (orders, vendor customer numbers, or contacts) should be added or edited in any way.
  3. In BrokerForce, go to the customer/vendor record that will be kept in your data.
  4. Click the <Merge> button and follow the prompts to select the customer/vendor that will be kept and the customer record that will be removed.  The obsolete customer, or rep, or vendor will be deleted at this time.
  5. Inform the others that they should synchronize ASAP to pick up the deletion before there is any risk of adding or modifying information for the obsolete customer/vendor.

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