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Importing orders with ship to and bill to information from BrokerForce™

What is provided

BrokerForce™ includes an automated order export feature that can send orders to your company in a common file format.  Fixed width (columnar) is the most commonly requested format and comma separated value (CSV) format is also available with the header information included in the first row.

If you have your own preferred format for importing orders electronically, please send us a sample with a list of fields, data types/lengths, and transport method e.g. FTP or e-mail.  Almost all formats and parameters can be accommodated.

Our experts at BrokerForce™ will assist you with how to automate the importing and validation of orders to prevent unwanted variances.  Pending that your company will export price lists and import orders from BrokerForce™, we will offer your reps a discount on their purchase of BrokerForce™.  Many inventory distribution systems such as MAS 90, have integration tools for importing and exporting this information.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

How it is sent - The resulting file may be e-mailed, sent on disk, or made available for upload to your FTP web site.  If the file is sent directly from BrokerForce™ via e-mail, the subject line will be "Orders" plus the date and time of the export, and the rep group's name.  The body of the message will contain the name of the rep who exported the order along with any special instructions.   

Orders Fixed Width Layout
The following table describes the columnar layout of the Orders.txt file that includes Bill To information and is exported from BrokerForce™. This is a flat file, and all header information is repeated on every row.  All details are grouped together by OrderID, the agency's unique order identifier.

Note: Your customer number (VendorCustNo) will be empty for a new customer and you should specify if new customers or orders without your vendor customer number are to be included.

Field Name Start Width
VendorCustNo 1 10
PONumber 11 30
RequiredBy (cancel date) 41 10
ShipContact 51 40
ShipName 91 40
ShipAddress 131 40
ShipAddress2 171 40
ShipCity 211 50
ShipStateOrProvince 261 50
ShipPostalCode 311 20
ShipCountry 331 50
ShipPhone 381 24
ShipFax 405 24
ShipVia  429 50
Terms 479 25
Freight 504 21
Notes 525 255
Orders_Discount 780 22
BillContact 802 40
BillPhone 842 24
BillFax 866 24
FOB 890 30
Department 920 25
VendorItem 945 12
ProductName 957 40
Quantity 997 22
Unit 1019 10
UnitPrice 1029 21
OrderDetails_Discount 1050 22
PriceList 1072 15
BillingQty 1087 22
PkSz 1109 12
Accrual 1121 22
Status 1143 12
OrderID 1155 11
DateToShip 1166 10
OrderDate 1176 10
RepNo 1186 12
BillCustNo 1198 10
BillName 1208 40
BillAddress 1248 40
BillAddress2 1288 40
BillCity 1328 50
BillStateOrProvince 1378 50
BillPostalCode 1428 20
TakenBy 1448 10


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P.O. Box 155 Louisville, CO 80027


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