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BrokerForce® What's up with "My Documents?

What's up with "My Documents?" -  When Microsoft started supporting computers running on networks, they realized that more than one person would be using a computer so "My" became relative to who the current user of the computer is.  Accordingly, to dumb-down the operating system to be more like Apple's, Microsoft came up with a dumb solution.  In Windows 2000 and beyond, "My Documents" was no longer a folder of the root directory on the C: drive.  Instead, it is now buried in a folder called "C:\Documents And Settings\User Name\My Documents" for each user of the machine.

Since BrokerForce uses synchronization and their could be hundreds of "My Documents" folders that are buried in relative "Documents and Settings" folders, we expect our users to create a "C:\My Documents" folder so that it will be the same for the entire agency.
To create a true "My Documents" directory:
Click <Start>, <My Computer>, double-click on the C: drive (local disk C:), click <File>, <New Folder>, and type "My Documents".  Be sure to include the space between "My" and "Documents".  Press <Enter> to save your change.

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