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How do I track orders and invoices without order details?

Trying to catch-up, did your customer's place a lot of small orders direct, or do you have a stack of miscellaneous credits?  There are many occasions where entering every line item detail of every order may not be economically feasible.  In those cases, entering only the order header information and the invoice amount may be all that is needed.

The Orders subform on the Vendor form can be used as a shortcut to add invoice-only orders for commissions tracking. After a customer is selected from the Customer drop list, Account Rep, CommPct, Order Type, and Split will be auto-filled with their default values.   For orders without details, Anticipated commissions will be calculated as a commission percentage (CommPct) of the invoice amount (InvoiceAmt).

For repetitive orders, see the BrokerForce™ 'Duplicate' help topic.

Note: Although the value of most fields on this form may be changed, the Customer and vendor customer number (VendCustNo) can not be edited. Deleting an order header will delete any line items associated with that order.

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