Print orders by option with different size scales in a matrix

Orders can be printed with one style (item) number per row of an order with a different quantity of each size in a separate column.  Options other than size can be configured this way but, must only use option 2 for the quantities that will be printed horizontally. Up to 12 columns (size) option quantities are supported in portrait mode and 20 columns will be supported in landscape mode

Multiple scales of measurement are also supported on one order e.g. XS, S, M, L... and 28, 30, 32... 

To set this up:Options Setup

1) Click the <Setup> tab on the vendor form and enter the settings shown at right.  Options 2, 3, and 5 are reserved and must be entered as shown.  Option influences 2, 3, and 5 are also reserved for the pound sign "#" and also must be entered only as shown.

2) You can substitute a different option description for "Color" option 1, and/or "DIM" in option 4. 

Scale options3) Double-click on the <Scale> option and enter up to a 3 letter abbreviation of the measurement scale for up to 3 scales.  In the example, scale "A" is designated as <Row> 1, "W" as <Row> 2, and "X" as <Row> 3 at right.  This determines what label is show at the left end of the 3 rows of size scales. Critical: The scale abbreviation must not be any of the possible sizes or option selections within this scale or quantities may duplicate on the printed order!  If the Scale is "A", you can not have an "A" size option selection or Scale "M" and a size "M".

4) Double-click on the "Cell" option.  Cell numbers are from 1 to 36.  Cells 1 through 12 are in the first row of scales, 13 through 24 are in the second, and 25 through 36 are in the third row. Enter a size value e.g. "XXS" and the the cell number that should contain that value.Measurement scales labeled by row with a measurement in each 'cell'
Cell Description
2 XS
3... S
Cell Description
13 XS
14 XSS
15... SMM

5) Double-click on either option 1 (Color) or 4 (DIM) and fill in the necessary option values in the Options Pop-up entry form.

6) Enter an order and test that it will display as you anticipate.  When you use the option and option influences setup as shown, the "Order w/Options Matrix" report will be selected by default from the <Reports> drop list on the order form.  Once you enter a style, a color, and a scale, if you press <Enter> on your keyboard after you have entered the quantity, the cursor will jump to the next line, the style (item number) will be duplicated, the scale will be duplicated, and focus will move to the <Size> column for you to enter your next size.

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No further support is provided for this feature except for BrokerForce Enterprise users with Internet synchronization services.

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