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How can I see order totals written for the day, week, month, or year?
To see your orders totals for a selected periodwe recommend the "Orders Journal" on the Representative or Vendor forms
  1. On either of these forms, choose "Orders Journal" from the <Reports> drop list.  The example at right is on the Representative form.
  2. Place a check in the <Invoiced> check box to include orders that are open or invoiced.  Otherwise, only open orders will be shown.
  3. Leave the check mark in the <Detail> check box to see individual orders.  Otherwise, only totals will be shown for the group chosen.
  4. From the <Group by> drop list, select "Customer""Status", "Order Type", or "Vendor"
  5. After selecting what you want the report grouped by, you can also select a value within this group to <Filter> the report by such as a vendor's or customer's name.  Otherwise, leave the <Filter> blank to see all groups.
  6. Select a sort order.  Click <Sort Ascending/Descending> arrow to toggle the sort order from ascending to descending order depending on your needs.
  7. Select an order date range. The date range will default to the current day but, you could expand this to the first day of the week, month, year, etc.  In the example at right one could select the first day and last day of any particular week, month, or year.
Alternative reports would be the "Order Totals Crosstab" or "Order Totals" reports on the Vendor and customer forms.
Remember: you can't see the <Orders List> without the agency password.  This is set by your agency and should not be reset by individuals.

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