Paste line items from an Excel sheet into a BrokerForce™ order or other form


Items can be pasted from an Excel sheet into an existing BrokerForce order using just copy and paste:

  1. If you have a list of items for an order with at least the item number, modify the column headers to match the column headers in the line item details section of a  BrokerForce order. 
  2. Set the background fill of the column header to a light gray.  It seems to make the paste go more smoothly and is easier to see.
  3. Remove any extra columns or do not include them in your in-memory copy.  See either of the two examples below
  4. Important: Column sequence is important.  That is, ItemNo (StyleNo) should come before Qty.
  5. Create a new order or move to an existing order in BrokerForce
  6. In Excel, highlight the columns or cells in Excel that you will be pasting, press <Ctrl-C> (copy)
  7. Click on the first empty row of the order in BrokerForce, and press <Ctrl-V> to paste. 
  8. The items will paste in one at a time and you may be prompted if an item is missing or otherwise invalid.  Some sources will work better than others but, this can still be a great shortcut.
ItemNo          Qty Sequence 
001 2 1
002 2 2
In the example above, there was an issue with Excel eliminating the "00" prefixes.  To prevent this click the letter at the top of the <ItemNo> column in Excel, click <Data>, <Text to Columns>, <Next>, <Next>, place a dot in <Text> and click <Finish> before copying and pasting.  This assures that the item numbers are recognized as text and not as numbers. 
415 rows were pasted from another file with just two column headers
ItemNo Qty
AC1 105
AC10 10
AC108 10
AC11 4
AC117 8
AC12 13
AC13 3
AC15 22
In this example, the paste stopped on one item that was not in that agency's products table and prompted if the paste was to continue.  Answer <Yes> to continue the paste and display any paste errors.
ItemNo ProductName PkSz Unit Qty BillQty PriceList Price Disc Extended Status Comm Sequence

120 1 EXPORT 30+5 49.50 0.00% 5,940.00
3.00% 1

Only the <ItemNo> column is required and you can have any other columns that are shown in your BrokerForce line item details other than <Extended>.  Extended is a calculated value and can not be pasted.  Leave it out of your spreadsheet or what you attempt to paste.  If you are using "Color" and "Size" options, your Excel columns should be named as they are displayed in BrokerForce.


Items that are pasted with a quantity (Qty) that is not an even increment of the vendor's minimum quantity may not prompt for the correct increment of a minimum quantity.  You will have to test the process for that.  Since it takes about two minutes for a paste of 415 rows, this can be very efficient versus having to type them in..

If you are prompted that there were errors during the pasting of the items, click the <Check Errors> button (version 3.0.34 or greater) to see the list of errors.


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