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What is the agency password?

BrokerForce™uses an agency password to keep commission information confidential and to limit access to reporting features.

The agency password is for the entire agency.  It is a minimal level form of security to avoid the maintenance issues that accompany security administration.  It is only intended to restrict access to commission information and the printing of reports. With a laptop, if a customer is overlooking your shoulder, click the <Lock View> (blue padlock on the toolbar) to hide commission information and lock-out the printing of reports.  Click it again and enter the password to view commission information and print reports.

For higher levels of security, consider using BrokerForce™ Enterprise to make your database replicable and allow you to distribute partial replicas.  With the distribution of partial replicas, reps are prevented from seeing agency information or the information of other reps. There is nothing that they can pry into, they only have a subset of the data. The filter attributes that determined what data that they receive are read only and can not be changed.

The combination of partial replica and agency password pretty well hits the sweet-spot of minimal maintenance with optimal security. It is recommended that if you have a laptop, that you should use the operating system's security features to protect all of your files in the event of a lost or stolen laptop.

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