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How can I make a rep payment adjustment
For a rep commission adjustment, one should create an adjusting entry that counters the initial mistake.  This is what is advised by GAAP (generally accepted accounting principals) to assure that there is a paper trail showing that a mistake was made and offset by an adjustment and when both occurred.  This is preferable to going back and adjusting entries that have already been made.  
To do so, we recommend entering an offsetting order for the same vendor for a negative amount without line item detail, putting the reason in the note, and then entering the order again for the correct amount with the correct rep.  This avoids overstating how much was ordered by the rep, the vendor, and the customer.   With this method, some reports could show this as an increased number of orders but, even though there wasn't an increased number of orders, as far as accounting is concerned, there was an increased number of accounting entries (orders).  If one is using activity based costing (ABC) methods for analyzing your business, this is the most accurate way to do it.


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