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PocketRep™  " | " file is already in use... Error

When you first attempt to synchronize a device with PocketRep™ to BrokerForce™, you may get an error that " | " file is already in use... and be asked to login.  Cancel these screens and return to BrokerForce™ and close the BrokerForce™ application.  You can use the instructions below to modify your current BrokerForce™ shortcut or you may download a new shortcut that already has this fixed.

  1. Right-click on the shortcut that you use to open BrokerForce™ and select <Properties>

  2. Click the <Shortcut> tab at the top of the properties window

  3. Press the <Home> key on your keyboard.  This will move the cursor to the front of the <Target File> control.

  4. Press the right arrow key on your keyboard several times until you get to just in front of the /excl.

  5. Press the <Delete> key on you keyboard to remove the /excel and nothing else. DO NOT remove the quotation marks and there should only be one space between the two remaining quotation marks as shown below.

  6. Click <Apply>, <Ok>

  7. Open BrokerForce™ and retry synchronizing PocketRep

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