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PocketRep™ 3.56
PocketRep™ is a companion application that can be purchased to extend the capabilities of BrokerForce™ for trade shows and sales reps on the road.  The application is used for scanning, entering, calculating, printing orders, and merging these orders into BrokerForce™.  PocketRep supports the scanning of bar codes with peripheral hardware and/or the selection of items from product lists downloaded from BrokerForce™.  PocketRep is autonomous of any server so, orders can be printed directly from the PocketRep device without docking.  Why we use PocketPC

Pocket Rep Installation
Installation of PocketRep is subject to the Extended User License Agreement (License.txt) included with BrokerForce™.  Be sure to install Microsoft Active Sync on your PC before docking the device to the PC. 

Click here to download MS Active Sync 4.2 for your PocketRep 3 device.     Windows Vista and Active Sync versions newer than 4.2 are supported by PocketRep 6 but not by PocketRep 3.  Consider upgrading to PocketRep 6 series for Vista or Mobile 5 and newer devices.

Click here for PocketRep installation instructions

To Enter/Scan an Order

  1. Select a vendor from the <Vend> drop list and select a customer from the <Cust> drop list and should be entered only on their first order Each order is for only one vendor and one customer.  Multiple ship to addresses or dates may be added when the order is processed in BrokerForce™.
  2. Select a customer.  New customer information may be added if it is not currently in the list.  We recommend that you enter the company name and phone number on the device, and staple their business card to your printed copy of the report.  Should you loose the card, one can reverse lookup the address from the phone number.  Enter the address information on your laptop or desktop when you are processing the orders per the instructions below. Click the <Cust> button the the left of the <Customer> drop list to change customers on an order.
  3. At the bottom of the order header screen, tap <Line Items>. 
  4. Choose the appropriate price list e.g. "Wholesale".  Confirm that the default pricing is correct.
  5. If products are to be entered by selecting from the <Item> or description <Desc> drop lists, click the appropriate item.
  6. If you will be entering an item manually by item number, tap the <Add> button to add a new blank line to the order. Otherwise, scan a bar code* using the button on the device that has been assigned to the scanner.  If the item is not found in the list of available products, you will be prompted if you want to continue.  Items can be added on-the-fly.  
  7. Tap the <Qty> control to enter a quantity, the order total is automatically recalculated when you move to a new or previous item.  Tab the <Del> button to remove an order line item.  Tab the <Toggle Product> button to increase the control width for viewing long product descriptions.
  8. Tap the <RTF> button at the bottom of the screen every 5-10 items added.  This will save your changes to a file that may be printed from the desktop.
  9. To sort the line item details, click the pink item number or description column header.
  10. Tap <Sign> in the bottom left to have your customer sign their order.  Tap <Sign> again.
  11. Tap the <Ok> button at the top right of the screen to return to the order header.   Tap <New> to begin a new order.  Although each order is for only one vendor, multiple orders can be created with different vendor/customer combinations. Tap <GoTo> to move to a previously entered order for adding or editing items.
  12. Close PocketRep if you won't be using the application for a while.  The act of closing PocketRep will create a backup.  For those with Dell Axim, x50 devices, update PocketRep 2.014 or better is required for this.

To Print an Order

  1. Want to be sure that your order is backed up?  Tap <RTF> to save a copy to an RTF file that can be printed with a word processor.
  2. Align the IrDA (infra-red) ports of the printer and device so that they are within range of each other or select Bluetooth or wireless network printer.  Tap <Print> and enter the number of copies desired.  See: Options for more information.
  3. If the PocketRep screen is not showing the line item details of the order, tap the <Line Items> button at the bottom right of the header to return to the detail section of the order.  Keep the IrDA ports aligned until the indicator light on the printer is no longer lit. 
  4. In addition to printing a copy of the order for your customer, you should print a file copy of the order so that if the battery fails, the device is lost or stolen, or is otherwise damaged, you will have a backup alternative.  We recommend that you staple a new customer's business card to your copy of the order in order to add address information when the order is processed with BrokerForce™.
  5. The printer driver supports other wireless connections such as Bluetooth or wireless network.  For printing to a shared printer on a network see: Network Printing

Note: If you're going to scan orders at a show, be sure to test scan bar codes from all your suppliers.  If you're new to scanning, scan at least 3 test orders that you have previously written before you attempt to scan a live order with a customer.

Verify that PocketRep is Closed:

  1. If you have opened another program or otherwise returned to the <Today> screen on the device, PocketRep may be open even though you do not see it.  For example, if you started PocketRep and clicked the <Ok> button in the upper right to quickly close PocketRep while "Loading customers..." PocketRep will not be closed.
  2. To verify that it is closed: On the device, click <Start>, <Settings>, <System>, <Memory>, <Running Programs>
  3. If you see "Order n", "Loading PocketRep...", or "Ord:n:Customer name", the application is still open.
  4. If you see any of these, click <Start>, <PocketRep>, and then close PocketRep. 
  5. Answer <Yes> to backup your orders.

To Transfer Orders

  1. When orders are to be transferred form the device into BrokerForce™ CLOSE PocketRep.  The device must be re-docked to the original host or a machine that is using the same data (replica) set. All orders will be removed from the device and transferred to BrokerForce™ for processing on the host machine. If a different host is to receive the orders, that host must have a full replica.
  2. With the device connected to the host computer, open BrokerForce™ and click the <Synchronize PocketRep> button on the BrokerForce™ toolbar.  All orders will be removed from the device and transferred to BrokerForce™ into a holding table for processing.  Previous, unprocessed orders that have been transferred to the holding table will not be affected by subsequent transfers. 
  3. After the orders have been transferred, the user will be prompted with options to update customer, and product information.  If these have not changed since the last docking, answer <No> to save time.  Refreshing the products table with thousands of SKUs may take several minutes for the transfer.
  4. If orders are retrieved from the device, the user will be prompted "Do you want to process orders now?".  If you answer <Yes>, the Excerlr8d Import/Export Orders dialog box will be shown otherwise, the orders will remain in the PocketOrdersHold table until they can be processed at a more convenient time.  Orders must be processed at the host machine that they were transferred to.  If you run a BrokerForce™ update, any orders in the holding table will be lost if they have not been processed.
  5. DO NOT run a BrokerForce program update if there are orders waiting to be processed, they will be overwritten.

To Process Orders

  1. If you did not choose to process orders when the device was docked, click the <Orders> tab, and then click the click the <Excelr8d Dialog>  button on the toolbar to display the Import/Export Orders Dialog.  Otherwise, the dialog will already be shown. 
  2. Click the <Process PocketRep Orders> (icon of hand-held pointing to an order) button in the upper left of the Excelr8d dialog form to begin processing orders.    When the button is clicked, follow the prompts regarding order header, new customer, and line item detail processing.  This button will be disabled if there are no orders to process.
  3. After the order header is processed, click the <Process Details> button to process that order's details.
  4. When there are no more orders to process, the <Process PocketRep Orders> button will be disabled.

Copying BrokerForce™ Customer Contact information to the Device

  1. A two stage process is required to copy customer contact information from BrokerForce™ to the PocketPC device.  Customer information will be moved from BrokerForce™ into Microsoft Outlook and thereby transferred to the handheld via Active Sync. 
  2. To update your Microsoft Outlook contacts with those from BrokerForce™ and vice versa, click on the BrokerForce™ customer form.  This process will first look to see if there are any contacts that are in your Outlook contacts folder any contact that meets 4 criteria: 1) There is a company name 2)- There is a contact name 3) The contact is categorized as "BrokerForce™Customer" and 4) The contact was not placed there by BrokerForce™.  If all of these are true, the user will be prompted to have BrokerForce™ import this contact's information.
  3. After this stage of the refresh, all contact records placed in the Outlook contacts folder by BrokerForce™ will be deleted.  This will remove these contacts from any distribution list and changes made to these contact records are not transferred from Outlook to BrokerForce™.
  4. All Customers and their related contacts will be refreshed in Outlook with their current information from BrokerForce™.  Customer sales history will be added to the note field of each respective contact.
  5. If ActiveSync has been configured to synchronize your Outlook contacts folder, these changes will be propagated to the device.

See also: Optimize PocketRep
* Additional hardware such as a Socket or Symbol scanner is required.  Barcode printing is included with BrokerForce™
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