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PocketRep is a BrokerForce® companion application that can be purchased to extend the application capabilities for trade shows and sales reps on the road.  PocketRep is used for scanned or manual order entry, printing or e-mailing orders, and merging these orders into a desktop or laptop copy of BrokerForce.  PocketRep supports the scanning of bar codes with peripheral hardware and/or the selection of items from product lists downloaded from BrokerForce™.  PocketRep is autonomous of any server so, orders can be printed directly from the PocketRep device without docking.  Why we use PocketPC



Pocket Rep Installation
Installation of PocketRep® is subject to the Extended User License Agreement (License.txt) included with BrokerForce®.  If you do not have Vista or Windows 7, you must install Microsoft Active Sync on your PC before docking the device to the PC. 

If you do not have Windows 7 or Vista:  Click here to download Microsoft Active Sync 4.2 or newer for your PocketRep 6 device.    

Hardware/Software Requirements

PocketRep may not be compatible with other order systems running on the same device or desktop.  It uses SQL Compact 3.5 and may not be backward compatible with older systems.  Backup or offload any other data FIRST!! A hard reset is the preferred installation, but in many cases is not necessary.

Remove any prior installation of PocketRep 3.0 series.  On the device, click <Start>, <Settings>, <Remove Programs>, and remove <PocketRep> and <MSVBPPC> if shown.  This is not necessary if a hard reset has been performed.

Only cradle synchronization with Microsoft Active Sync 4.2 or newer is supported.  Older versions of Active Sync are not supported.  Contact your network administrator regarding the use of Bluetooth or wireless connections for Active Sync.  Windows Microsoft Windows Vista or XP is required.

A 256 MB SD (Secure Digital) card or larger is required and 1 GB is recommended. Cards larger than 2 GB are not supported by devices before Mobile 5.  The use of images increases the size needed for storage.

Microsoft Mobile 4, PPC 2003 SE, Mobile 5, and Mobile 6 devices that have a \SD Card folder are supported.  Devices without available memory at this location are not supported at this time.  Some devices with adequate built-in storage can create a "\SD Card" folder with good results.

For scanning, a CF slot or Bluetooth (cordless) scanner will be needed if the scanner is not incorporated into the device.

Printer setup, hardware maintenance, networking, and wireless networks are your responsibility.  Click here for a list of supported printers.  Receipt type printers are not supported.  We recommend laser jet printers that support PCL 5.  PCL 6 is NOT supported.  For color, many inkjet printers are supported and their consumables are now in line with laser jets.

Agency Principals

Remove <Line Card> check in BrokerForce for any vendors that you are no longer representing.  Delete obsolete products on the product form to reduce load times and improve performance. Remove or merge duplicated customers.


1) Close BrokerForce™, remove the device form the cradle, and perform a soft reset of the device.

2) Update to BrokerForce 3.0.37 or newer.  The version number is shown at the top right of the BrokerForce application.

3) Connect the device via active sync, open BrokerForce, click <Tools>, <PocketRep Maintenance>, and note the version number of your PDA at upper left.

4) Download and run http:/BrokerForce.com/Download/Folders/PR6/Desk/PR_Desk.exe   Password 3313P.  This places critical files in the BrokerForce\PocketRep folder and runs the Access Database Synchronizer setup for communications between PocketRep and BrokerForce.  Follow the prompts to complete that installation.

5) ActiveSync 4.2 or newer, or Vista synchronization is supported.  The older PocketRep 3 series cannot be used with Microsoft Vista or Active Sync beyond version 4.2.  

6) On the device, set the clock/calendar date and time before continuing.  It is recommended that all menu shortcuts and button shortcuts be removed to avoid accidental memory overload on the device.

7) Connect the device using Active Sync.  If the AccessDatabaseSynchronizer.msi was correctly installed, a black and white DOS window is briefly displayed.

8) For Mobile 4, download and run WM4_SD.exe

    For Windows Mobile 5 or 6, download and run WM5_SD.exe

Both can reside on the same computer (laptop/desktop).  BrokerForce will recognize the correct version to use based on the connected device.

9) Connect the device and verify that <Active Sync> shows connected.  <Guest> is the preferred connection. If “partnered”, avoid synchronizing office applications, they consume memory and slow synchronization particularly in a show environment.

10) Open BF 3.0.37 or newer, click <Tools>, <PocketRep Maintenance>.  Place a dot in the <PR 6> version support option. This dialog automatically attempts to connect to the device to report the CE version number on the device and the desktop/laptop name.

11) Verify that the dialog shows "Connected" then click <PocketRep Install Files>.  This copies installation files to the device.

12) On the device, click <Start>, <Programs>, <File Explorer>.  Navigate to the "\SD Card" folder and tap on the numbered installation files 1 = 6 in sequence.  If prompted to restart the device, answer <Yes>. On Mobile 5 and 6 devices, choose <Device> when prompted to install on the device or SD Card, then click <Install> at bottom left.

Trouble shooting Setup:

1)  For (x86) (65 bit) computers, you must modify the path of self-extracting files to be relative to the \Program Files(x86) folder.

2) If you cannot run one or more of the setup files from the SD card on the device, contact support with the Windows CE version number found at the upper left of the <PocketRep Maintenance> screen.  Only Windows CE versions 4.00 through 6.n are supported.

3) A 1 GB SD card is recommended.  If synchronization fails on the first <Pull>, it may be that not enough time was given or there was a lack of storage space on the expanded memory card.  Remove any unnecessary, dated backups of the PR_Data file from the memory card.

4)  An "Unknown Error occurred when copying files":   This happens when the SD card could not be found on the device for copying files to.  Close and reopen BrokerForce, re-insert the card and retry copying the installation files.  Verify in file explorer that there is a "\SD Card" folder.  If not, you will need to create an "\SD Card" folder on the device.  If you do this, the database will be stored on the device and not on an expansion card so this could severely limit available memory on the device. 

HP iPaq 2400 Series "Hard Reset"

HP now refers to this as a "clean reset".  This can be done by holding the calendar, messaging, and power buttons at the same time and then press the reset button for 3 seconds while those are still held down. When you have done this, you may have to press reset or cradle the device to turn on the device.  The device should say that it's "Formatting" and the startup will take longer than usual. Then you will have to realign the screen and go through all settings from scratch. 

HP iPaq 210 Series "Hard Reset"

1.    Press the Application Key 3, Application Key 2, and the Voice Recorder button simultaneously
and hit the Reset button once.

2.    Press and hold the Application Key 3, Application Key 2, and the Voice Recorder button until
Clean boot is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Dell Axim "Hard Reset"

  1. Press and hold the power button.
  2. Using the reset stylus hold the reset button for about 2 seconds.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.

After a reset or for new devices:

  Set clock, remove all menu items, set Back Light for <On Battery> to 3 or 4 minutes, 30 seconds is too short to be practical.

  Set your device name and phone number, they could be used to return your PDA to you if it is lost or stolen


Scanner setup

Tap <Start>, <Socket Scan> to initiate the scanner.  On the <Today> screen, tap the scanner icon to get to settings.  Scanner prefix must be set to "~" (tilde).  To see this character, tap the <Shift> button at bottom left of Soft Input Panel (SIP keyboard).

Scanner suffix must be set to "\r" (carriage return)

Set a button on the device as a trigger for the scanner and disable other, unneeded buttons. To do this, tap <Start>, <Settings>, <Buttons>.  Choose <None> to disable buttons and choose <Socket Scan> for your scan button preference.

Remember, tap the scan trigger (button) once, do not hold it down when scanning.



1)   After installation, click <Start>, <PocketRep> (hand shake icon).  You will be prompted for a registration code key based on the device's serial number.  

2)   E-mail the serial number shown to support@brokerforce.com or call 303-665-2344 to obtain the code key.  Registration and pricing is per device.

3)   Enter the registration code provided and click <Update>

4)   On the splash screen, verify that the system clock date is correct.  If it is not, click <Start>, <System>, <Settings>, <Clock>, and correct it.


Get Data from the Desktop/Laptop

PocketRep SynchronizationBefore you attempt to pull data from the desktop/laptop for the first time, on the computer, click <Start>, <Control Panel>, <Windows Firewall>, (Vista <Allow a program through Windows Firewall) <Add Port> Name = “PDA”, for port number, enter “1024” (do not enter quote marks).  Save these changes and restart the computer.

1)   After clicking <Ok> to confirm the date and time, if data has not been “Pulled” from the desktop/laptop, you will be prompted that “At least one <Pull> must be successfully performed before this data can be used.” Click <Ok> to open the synchronization wizard.

2) Connect the device using MS Active Sync.  If the database cylinder, tap on the database cylinder to select it, tap <File>, <Connect>.  Do this for each gray cylinder.  If the cylinder is yellow with a green arrow, it is already connected.

3! Tap <File>, <Pull>.  This will “Pull” data from the desktop/laptop.  There are a number of tables (Customers, Contacts, Vendors, Products…) that will be pulled from the desktop.  Each is listed at the bottom of the wizard as it is being pulled.  Products take about one minute per ten thousand products.

4) After the first <Pull> is completed, a <Push> will be done automatically to verify connectivity.

Trouble shooting: p;See Synchronization below  



Orders Walk-Through


  1) After clicking <Ok> on the splash screen to confirm the date and time, the program opens to the orders list with your most recent order at the top.  Tap a column header name to sort the list by the values in that column.  Tap the column header again to reverse the sort.

  4) Tap on any cell other than <Ship Name> to select that row so that you can scroll horizontally.

  5) Tap on a <Ship To Name> to open the order form and view that order.  Orders that were not added on this device, have a transmitted entry, or are invoiced, cannot be edited, but can be viewed, printed or copied.

  6) Tap <New> on the menu bar at the bottom left of this screen to open the main order form and start a new order.

  7) If you represent more than one manufacturer, select a vendor from the drop list

  8) Customer selection is done using any of the key pieces of the customer’s contact information that you know.  You will be prompted for this information beginning with the customer's bill to or ship to name.  When prompted, enter the first letters of the customer’s name. More letters will reduce the selections available.  If you do want to search by name, tap the light blue background of the edit box to enter any part of their zip code or leave blank and tap the light blue area to search by phone number. The last 4 digits of the number works well. If you do not have that information tap the light blue box to enter any part of the company name.  By entering any of this information, the <Customer> drop list shows only customers whose bill to or ship to information contains the text that you have entered.

  9) Five things are required for an order: Vendor, Customer, Rep, Phone number, and Zip Code.  You will be prompted for the fax number, and e-mail if they are missing, but can override their requirement.

 10) Select order or ship dates by tapping on the respective date control.  If a cancel date is needed, it must be manually entered.  Be sure to enter a recognizable date format for dates or you will be prompted to re-enter them.

If you enter order and ship dates as the same date; “ASAP” will be shown as the ship date on the printed order.

11) Tap <Save>.  You will be prompted to enter your initials.  Use 3 to 5 letters that uniquely identify you.  This will be retained and you won't have to enter them again on your next order.  You will be prompted on each order to confirm them.

Change the initials from the previous user if you have just exchanged devices.

 12) To begin adding items to your order, tap <Items>>> at the bottom of the form.  Begin scanning or click <Edit>, <New> and enter the item number.  Or, tap <Item> or <Desc> buttons at top left for an tem listing.   Tap on any item in the list to select it.  The minimum quantity will be entered for you.  If the list of items exceeds the maximum listing (10,000), you will be prompted for some information about the item to limit the available listing.

 13) Tap on the <Qty> of the item to change it.  If you do not enter a quantity in an increment of the minimum, you will be prompted and may override the value.

 14) After you finish adding items, tap <Back> to return to the main order header screen.

 15) To print the order, tap <Edit> <Print>,

 16) Click the <X> in the upper right to return to the orders list.

 16) Tap a cell of an order (NOT the ship name) to select a row in the orders list.  Tap <Print> to print the selected order.  If you have a number of orders for a customer, this is the quickest screen to print them from.

 17) Cradle the device to establish an Active Sync connection.  

 18) On the orders list, tap <Sync>.  This will exit the application and open the synchronization wizard.  Or, tap the X in the upper right to exit the application entirely.



PocketRep uses a synchronization that is slightly different than that used in BrokerForce.  Before data can be used on a PocketRep device, it must be initialized by completing a successful <Pull> synchronization.  This pulls a limited (last two weeks order history) copy of the desktop/laptop database to the device.  A <Pull> overwrites any information on the device.  To assure that information is not accidentally overwritten on the device, a <Push> is automatically done before a <Pull> will begin.  A <Push> copies any changes that were made on the device up to the desktop.

The amount of time required for a pull is directly influenced by how much information will be pulled.  For products it takes about one minute per ten thousand products and just over a minute for 5,000 customers.  On subsequent pulls, you will be given the options to refresh customers and/or products.  Refreshing that information may not be required and will speed up synchronization if skipped.

 A <Push> is very fast and is measured in seconds versus minutes.  A <Push> does not remove information from the device so please do it frequently to assure that you have a backup of newly added information.


All PR 6 synchronizations are only started from the device and not from BrokerForce.

<Push> synchronization:

Updates the desktop with any additions (customers, Orders, contacts, transmissions) made on the device.

If both the desktop and the device change the same record, the device version wins (overwrites desktop)

Conflicts will be encountered if a duplicate customer record is entered on the device.  In this case, the customer record, their orders, and customer related information are rejected and output to an Excel file for review and/or reentry. 

If you have entered orders or other information on the device, that information remains on the device during a <Push>.

<Pull> synchronization:

New data is copied from the desktop and OVERWRITES the device data. To assure that you cannot accidentally overwrite information, a <Push> is automatically done for you before the data is "Pulled".  

Any data that is pushed, comes back down (is restored) during the <Pull>.

Data must be "Initialized" by a <Pull> before it can be used.  The user is prompted to complete a pull the first time PocketRep is opened to a blank set of data.  The user is automatically transferred to the synchronization screen when the application is opened to blank data.  After the first <Pull> is successfully completed, the data can be used.  Tap <Pull> on the synchronization screen to receive updates from the desktop.  To optimize time, after the first <Pull> has been done, the user is prompted “Refresh Customers?" and "Refresh Products?" on any subsequent <Pull>.  All other information is automatically pulled.  A customer refresh takes about 20 seconds per thousand customers. A products refresh takes about 10 seconds per thousand products.  For 20,000 products, this will be in the range of 2 or 3 minutes. Times vary by equipment and data complexity.


Troubleshooting Synchronization

If you cannot connect to the Access database on the desktop verify the following:

Does Active Sync show as connected? 

If you click on the <Configuration> tab in the synchronization wizard, is the path shown for the Access database the data on your desktop with your name?

Is the PocketRep data you are trying to synchronize created from the desktop/laptop computer that you are trying to synchronize to?  If not, DO NOT attempt to synchronize a partial (rep filtered) set of data to another rep’s partial set of data.  DO NOT attempt to synchronize a full set of data on the device to a partial (rep filtered) on the desktop/laptop.  This COULD result in the LOSS OF INFORMATION!  If the data needs to be synchronized to another computer within these partial/full limitations: on the synchronization screen in PR, click <Configure> to adjust the connection settings.  Change the BrokerForce database name to the name and path of the desktop database.

The Firewall settings on the desktop can prevent the device from communicating with the desktop. The desktop listens on port number 1024 for synchronization connections. This port is not added to the firewall's exception list by the synchronization installer. To add the port 1024 explicitly to the Windows Firewall Exception list, perform the following steps: Click Start, Control Panel, Windows Firewall.  On the Exceptions tab, click Add Port, add the port number and click OK. Restart the desktop computer and retry the synchronization


Adding a new customer


Adding/Editing customer information

  1) Tap <Custs> on the menu ribbon at the bottom of the order, or Orders List forms. This opens the <Customer List> and highlights the customer of the order that was selected on the order form or orders list.

  2) Tap on the customer name to open the <Customer> form to edit bill to, ship to, or add contact information.

  3) While viewing the information of a customer, tap <Buyer> to add a new buyer. This is the same process used on the order form. Contact information defaults to that of the customer, and you are prompted to edit it as-you-go.

  4) Click <Ok> at top of customer form to return to the customer list.  

  5) Click <Ok> at top of the list to return to the order form.

  8) On the Customer List, tap <New> to add a new customer

A new customer can be added directly from the order form and their bill to and ship to information may be added or edited on this customer form.


1) CAUTION:  If synchronization configuration is manually changed in PR Sync, no current mechanism exists

   to detect if a partial attempts to synchronize to another partial or if a full replica attempts to

   synchronize to a partial.  Either could result in the loss of data. To be safe, only synchronize to

   the desktop (laptop) that the data was pulled from.

2) Orders must be synchronized to a copy of BrokerForce and e-mailed or faxed from BrokerForce.

3) Currently, last two weeks orders will be shown as history

4) Signature is not available yet.

5) Always print and retain a copy of your order whenever possible.

6) No automated back up outside of synchronization

7) Line item discounts are not supported

8) A change to the time on the opening screen is not updating the device clock, please click <Start>,

    <Settings>, <System>, <Clock> to correct if necessary.

9) If a product list is greater than 10,000 and the user wants to select from a drop

    list, some portion of the item number or description will be required.  There is no limit for scanning

    or manual item entry.

10) A button assignment and prefix of ~ with suffix of \r is required for a scanning.  It is anticipated

    that this will become a user preference accessed directly form the application in an update.


If you encounter any errors, please note what form you were on, the process that you were attempting, and any data particulars such as vendor X with customer Y.  Please e-mail this information to support@BrokerForce.


Copying BrokerForce™ Customer Contact information to the Device using MS Outlook:

  1. A two stage process is required to copy customer contact information from BrokerForce™ to the PocketPC device.  Customer information will be moved from BrokerForce™ into Microsoft Outlook and thereby transferred to the handheld via Active Sync. 
  2. To update your Microsoft Outlook contacts with those from BrokerForce™ and vice versa, click on the BrokerForce™ customer form.  This process will first look to see if there are any contacts that are in your Outlook contacts folder any contact that meets 4 criteria: 1) There is a company name 2)- There is a contact name 3) The contact is categorized as "BrokerForce™Customer" and 4) The contact was not placed there by BrokerForce™.  If all of these are true, the user will be prompted to have BrokerForce™ import this contact's information.
  3. After this stage of the refresh, all contact records placed in the Outlook contacts folder by BrokerForce™ will be deleted.  This will remove these contacts from any distribution list and changes made to these contact records are not transferred from Outlook to BrokerForce™.
  4. All Customers and their related contacts will be refreshed in Outlook with their current information from BrokerForce™.  Customer sales history will be added to the note field of each respective contact.
  5. If ActiveSync has been configured to synchronize your Outlook contacts folder, these changes will be propagated to the device.

If you are using an older device with only 64 MB of memory, consider limiting the number of contacts that are copied across.  More than a thousand contacts takes up significant resources. Eliminate programs you don't absolutely need.



See also: Optimize PocketRep™


* Additional hardware such as a Socket or Symbol scanner is required.  Barcode printing is included with BrokerForce™


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