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Where Can I Find Printed Documentation or Other Help With Using BrokerForce™?

The "Getting Started" pamphlet, enclosed in the front of the CD case, provides essential tips for the application's terms and initial data entry. Context sensitive help files and the help index are accessed by pressing <F1> anywhere inside the application. To access the help topic for Vendor payments, click the payments tab on the vendor form and press <F1> on your keyboard. The "Payments, Vendor" help topic provides step by step instructions for entering and applying commission payments.

The pamphlet also describes how to print a full set of documentation.  You can print all 65 printed pages by going to: <Start>, <Programs>, <Df BrokerForce™>, <Documentation> this will open the file in Microsoft Word Format.  Should the shortcut be broken, the file can be located as "C:\Program Files\DF BrokerForce™\DF BrokerForce™.doc."

Windows Vista?

With Windows Vista, you will need this download from Microsoft to view BrokerForce help files.


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