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To report customers that bought during a time period or show:

On The Customer Form:Order Totals for Customer List

  1. Select the "Order Totals" report from the <Reports> drop list
  2. Place a dot in the "Order" <Date Range> option
  3. Select a group option from the <Group By> drop list e.g. "Order Type"
  4. If you want to want to limit the report to a particular group based on your group selection, select that value from the <Equal> drop list.  In the example, we have selected "ATL SHOW"
  5. Select your choice of sorting
  6. Click the arrow for ascending or descending sort order
  7. Place a check in the <All Customers> check box if you want to list more than just the current customer
  8. Place a check in the <Invoiced> check box to include all orders including those that have been invoiced.  Otherwise, only customers with open orders would be shown.
  9. place a check in the <Detail> check box if you need the subgroup of orders within the chosen group
  10. Enter the date range for your needs
  11. Select <All> if the report should include any/all vendors.  Otherwise deselect <All> then select individual vendors from the list.  It is a multi-select list.
  12. Preview and print your report
  13. When you close the report, answer <Yes> when prompted to export a list of these customers' name, addresses, phone numbers, fax, and e-mail addresses to Excel if needed for a mail merge


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