Map multiple addresses from a customer list in BrokerForce™

Taking a road trip or just want to see where your best customers are located?  If so, then the "Customer List Map" is the report for you.

MSN provides a free toolbar that includes a powerful <Maps> button that can be used with BrokerForce to map multiple addresses as pushpins on a map.  You must have Microsoft Internet Explorer and install the MSN toolbar before this feature can be used with BrokerForce version 3.0.20 or greater.

To map multiple addresses:

  1. Select "Customer List Map" from the <Reports> drop list on the customer form
  2. This report will inherit any filter placed on the customer form or, it can be filtered for your top n customers based on their order amounts from last year or this year.  To filter by form, right-click on any control e.g. a city name, and select <Filter by Selection>.  Or, try entering a number e.g. 10 into the <Top> control below the <Reports List> to see a listing of your top customer customers. 
  3. Preview and close the report.  This will enable the <Map Customer list> button.
  4. Click the <Map Customer List> button to output the results to an HTML file on your computer. Your browser window will automatically open with your filtered list of customers.
  5. Click the <Maps> button on the MSN toolbar to select a mapping option.  Multiple locations are limited to a selection of up to 10 locations at a time.

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