In BrokerForce®, the list of reports on each form such as the customer, vendor, representative, or product form are appropriate to that form and the audience that is most likely to use the report.  For example, the customer list on the vendor form lists customers for a particular vendor while the same report, when run from the Representative form will show the customers of a rep.

Many reports can be filtered (limited to certain criteria), sorted, or grouped by user defined preferences.  Some reports also offer to output their results to Microsoft Excel so that you can get just the right results or use the information with other programs such as a mail merge.

Following is a partial list of reports offered within BrokerForce.  Each link provides a representative screenshot along with a screenshot of the report preferences dialog used for that report.   When you select a report from the <Reports> drop list on any form, press <F1> on your keyboard for additional help related to that report.

Report Forms where available Summary
Agency Line Card Vendor Manufacturer logos, descriptions, optional contact information for lines represented by the agency.
Commissions Received By Month Vendor/Rep Vendors commission totals paid by month based on the date payment was received for the year selected
Commissions Statement Vendor/Rep Report for reconciling anticipated commissions and sales analysis.
Comparative Sales By Customer Vendor Compares a month's sales and year to date (YTD) sales to the prior year's sales with last order date
Commissions Statement (Unpaid Invoices) Vendor Report for reconciling anticipated commissions and sales analysis that have not been paid.
Communications Journal Contact Summary of communications (visits, calls, e-mails, letters) with contact by date range
Comparative Sales by Month Customer/Rep/Vendor Compares a month's sales and YTD sales to the prior year's sales includes order counts and optional grouping
Comparative Sales by Vendor Customer Compares a month's sales and YTD sales to the prior year's sales.
Comparative Sales Month To Date Customer/Vendor Compares order amounts this year month to date (MTD) to last year MTD sales
Contacts Rep A list of contacts for a Representative.
Contract Fulfillment Product Shows completion of commitment by quantity
Contract Products Product Provides a list of contract items for a Parent company.  Can be used as an order guide.
Customer Labels (Avery 5160) Customer Customer mailing labels, inherits any filter placed on form.  Will export to Excel when report is closed.
Customer List Vendor List of vendor's customers
Customer List (Prospects) Customer/Vendor List of 'Prospect' <Status> customers option to include Communications Journal
CustomerSnapshot Customer/Vendor Summary of customer information including order information
Customer Snapshot Avery 5163 Customer Summary of customer information for Rolodex style labels from Avery
Customer Snapshot(Abr.) Customer Abbreviated customer information without sales history
Customer Type Count Customer/Rep How many customers you have by customer type
Customers Rep List of customers for a Rep
Customers with product Product Customers with product within a specified ship date range, last shipped date, and how many units were shipped.
Customers with product ordered Product Products ordered by customer within a specified order date range.
Customers without product Product Which accounts have or have not ordered a product within a specified period of time, when last shipped and number of units ordered.
Customers without product ordered Product Customers that buy a line but have not ordered specified products within an order date range
Disputed Orders Vendor Like commission statement but for orders that have been marked as disputed.  Commission paid was not equal to that anticipated
Item Sales by Month Customer/Vendor/Product/Rep Comparison of what was ordered (by order date) versus what was invoiced (by invoice date) by month for a selected year.
Item Sales by Month(category) Vendor See all sales within a selected category of items.
Item Sales Totals Customer/Vendor Total quantity and value of each item ordered within the date range selected.
Item Sales Totals Barcoded Product Quantity and value of each item ordered within the date range selected w/ barcodes. Use for inventory and order guide.
Item Sales Totals w/UPC Customer Quantity and value items ordered within the date range with barcodes and UPC numbers.
On Order Customer/Vendor Items that are on order for a customer by vendor or vendor by customer.
Open Orders Customer/Rep/Vendor Count of orders, totals, quantity ordered.  Check the <Invoiced> check box to include invoiced orders.
Open Purchase Orders Customer All open orders and status of the order. How much was shipped, how much was canceled, etc…
Open Purchase Orders (Customer) Rep Booked versus shipped and the percentage completion of orders with back orders aggregated by PO Number.
Open Purchase Orders Detailed Customer/Vendor/Rep Booked versus shipped and the percentage completion of orders with back orders aggregated by PO Number.
Open Purchase Orders Detailed (Customer) Rep Booked versus shipped and the percentage completion of orders with back orders aggregated by PO Number by customer.
Open Purchase Orders Detailed (Vendor) Rep
Order Totals Customer/Rep/Vendor A count of orders, order totals, quantity ordered, and if the <Invoiced> check box is checked, invoice totals.
Order Totals Crosstab Customer/Rep/Vendor Display summarized values (invoice, order, commission amounts) grouped down the left side (Company, Rep, Season) of the report and another across the top (Year, Quarter, Month)
Ordered/Invoiced by Month Customer/Rep/Vendor A comparison of what was ordered (by order date) versus what was invoiced (by invoice date) by month for a selected year.
Orders Graph Customer Pie chart graph of order totals by vendor, bar chart of quarterly sales for a customer
Orders Journal Vendor/Rep Summarized order information for date range selected. Great for weekly reports.
Orders Not Transmitted Vendor/Rep Orders that have not been marked as transmitted in the transmission journal at the bottom center of order form.
Order Sheet Vendor/Rep Order guide by item
Orders_Fax_E-mail Vendor Date range of orders that can be faxed, printed, or e-mailed to vendor
Payment Balances Vendor/Rep Payment number, date payment was received or made, amount, amount applied, and available balance not applied.  For vendor payments, shows how much paid to reps.
Product labels 39 Avery 5160, 5167 Products Bar-coded product labels.  Use 5167 for smaller footprint
Products List Product Product List, can be used for order guide or inventory
Products List (Barcoded) or (Picture) Product Product list with barcodes, may be filtered by category or form to print a catalog
Products with Duplicate UPCs Product List of products for all vendors that have duplicate UPC by vendor. Use to verify that items will scan correctly.
Promotions Product List of products with promotions and promotional prices
Rep List Rep Contact list of reps, position, phone, fax, e-mail.  Outputs to Excel
Rep Postal Codes Rep Postal (Zip) codes covered by each rep.  Outputs to Excel
Rep Territories Rep Alphabetic list by city and postal codes covered by rep.  Outputs to Excel
Sales by Month (CustType) Vendor/Rep Annual sales analysis by month.
Vendor Labels (Avery 5160) Vendor Print labels for your vendors' customers for mailing.  Offers to export list to Excel
Vendor Sales Totals Vendor/Rep Booked versus shipped by ship date
Vendors List Vendor/Rep A list of contacts for Vendors

If you have a favorite report that you don't see in this list, we can tell you how to generate the report or how soon we can add it.

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