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How do I Restore my BrokerForce™ Data?

If your installation of BrokerForce™ has been damaged, you should re-install the BrokerForce™ program and apply the latest update prior to restoring your data.  If your BrokerForce™ data file has been lost or damaged, you will need to restore your BrokerForce™ data file.  If you are using BrokerForce™ Enterprise, you should never restore a replica from a backup.  You should instead create a new replica.

Before restoring your file from backup, you should attempt a <Repair/Compact> using the BrokerForce™ Utility program.

To attempt to repair and compact your data using the Utility program:

  1. Click <Start>, <Programs>, <Df BrokerForce™>, and <Utility>
  2. After the Utility program opens, select "Repair/Compact" from the <Maintenance Tools> drop list.
  3. In the next line, verify the path to your BrokerForce™ Data.  This is normally "C:\Program Files\DF BrokerForce™\Data\DfBf Data.mdb". If necessary, click the <Open Folders> button at the right end of the <Source File> line to navigate to your data.
  4. Click the <Repair/Compact> button.
  5. If you receive the message that your data has been successfully repaired, retry opening BrokerForce™.  Otherwise, proceed with the following restoration instructions. 

To restore your data that has been backed up using the BrokerForce™ backup:

  1. Locate your removable media backup source e.g. Zip Disk, CD-ROM, or WinZip file
  2. On your Windows Desktop, double-click <My Computer> and double-click the drive that contains the backup file.  If it's a Zip disk, this usually shows as "Removable Media"
  3. Right-click on the data file and select <Copy>
  4. Click the <Up Folder> button on the toolbar at the top of this window so that you can see the other drives on your computer
  5. Double-click on the "C:\" drive, double-click on the "Program Files" folder, double-click the "Df BrokerForce™" folder, and double-click the "Data" folder
  6. On the menu ribbon, click <Edit>, <Paste>.  The backup file will be copied to this location.  If you are prompted that a file with the same name exists and do you want to replace it, click <Ok> if you are certain that the file being replaced is damaged.
  7. If you restored a file that has a name other than the data that you were using e.g. "Backup DfBf Data.mdb", rename it to "DfBf Data.mdb"  If you do not see the "mdb" file extension but do see the Microsoft Access key icon, do not add the extension.
  8. Retry opening BrokerForce™.  If the data 

To restore your data from an automated backup program

  1. Use the instructions from your backup program to restore the BrokerForce™ data file to its former location.  The typical location and file name is "C:\Program Files\DF BrokerForce™\Data\DfBf Data.mdb"

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