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Synchronizing: Pay a rep commission without the customer's information going into that rep's data set.

Background:  An agency would like to pay a share of the commission to the rep that writes the order that is not the rep assigned to that customer.  The primary rep on the order is changed from the rep assigned to that customer to the rep that wrote the order.

Issue: On the next synchronization, that order, the related customer record, and the customer's entire order history will be copied to the partial replica of the rep that wrote the order but is not assigned to that customer. 

Solution: Do not change the primary rep assignment from the default assignment of the rep assigned to the customer.  Instead, set the secondary rep to the rep that wrote the order. Change the commission split of the primary and secondary reps to the appropriate shares.  The split may be zero for the primary rep's split however, the combined shares can not be greater than 100%.

The setting for the secondary rep and both primary and secondary reps' commission splits is in the bottom left of the main order form.

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