How to update SocketScan™ for PocketRep™

The sequence of the following instructions is critical to successfully updating any device.

  1. Remove the scanner from the device and soft-reset the device
  2. Tap, <Start>, <Settings>, <System>, <Remove Programs>, and remove "Socket SocketScan Software".  You should only have PocketRep and Vb Runtimes left.
  3. Soft-reset the device.
  4. On your PC, click <Start>, <Control Panel>, <Add or Remove Programs>, and remove "SocketScan Software".
  5. Click on the following link and run the linked file: SocketScanCE108N and follow the prompts to install this software completely.
  6. Connect the device with Active Sync
  7. In Active Sync, click <Tools>, <Add/Remove Programs>, place a check <Socket Scan Software> and continue with that installation.
  8. Follow the directions on the device for any additional instructions, and soft-reset the device.
  9. Press the button for your SocketScan, it will have preserved that setting only
  10. Click the <Socket Scan> icon at the bottom left of the <Today> screen on the device. And enter the prefix/Suffix  See: Configure Socket Scan  The prefix/suffix must be EXACTLY right to work.
  11. Retry, the scanner, it should now work correctly.


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