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 How to Synchronize a BrokerForce™ Replica

Before proceeding with these synchronization instructions, you should peruse the do's and don'ts of synchronization.

  1. With BrokerForce™ open, choose <File>, <Exit>. When prompted, click <Yes> to Synchronize data changes. The source path will contain the name of the replica currently being pointed to by the front end application and cannot be changed. 
  2. Click <Repair and Compact> to optimize the database.
  3. Verify the target path and file name or click the <Open Files> button to the right of this control to locate the path and file name. This path should already contain the path to your agency's Base Replica. 
  4. If you are not connected to a local area network, or to the machine on which the base (hub) replica resides, you will have to establish your connection to the server where your agency's replica resides. If the path name is preceded by "http://", you will need to establish your connection to the Internet before proceeding. If you are using a dial-up connection to access your agency's computer, double-click the dialup connection to that machine.
  5. After confirming that your are connected to the computer were the base replica resides, click "Synchronize". If it is necessary to be synchronizing with a replica other than the Base replica, click <No>  if you are prompted to change the default synchronization path. Remember to keep the Base Replica's URL path as the default path to synchronize to for future synchronizations. If you erase any interim path, the default path will be returned to this for future synchronizations. 
  6. In a couple of seconds, you will see the text "Synchronizing, please wait..." The amount of time that it takes to synchronize is dependant on the number of changes made at both your replica and the agency's replica. Ordinarily, this should take less than 15 minutes. When the process is complete, a beep is issued with the message "Synchronization Successful."

Error 52, File Not Found - If you are attempting to direct synchronize, BrokerForce™ can not see the target replica that you want to synchronize to.  Try viewing the path to this replica in Network Neighborhood or My Network Places.  If you can not see the target replica's path, check your connection to the network and retry.  Otherwise, contact your network administrator.

If you encounter this error when attempting to Internet Synchronize, please contact our support services.

Conflicts were encountered - Allow BrokerForce™ to open the Conflict Resolution Wizard and resolve the conflicts

Expression Not available... - Contact DataForce for an upgrade.

Target replica is not a recognizable format... - The base replica is damaged and an attempt can be made to repair and compact the replica before retrying.  If this is not successful, the base replica must be replaced.  This is common when remote access services (RAS) or VPN connection is used.  That is why we do not support these two methods.

This page is designed to supplement your company's software support for BrokerForce™ Enterprise. If you need additional assistance, please contact us by e-mail anytime at support@BrokerForce™.com or call Three Zero Three 665 2344 between 7:30 am and 5:30 pm MST M-F. 

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