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How do I add a rep?

To add a rep:

  1. Click on the <Contacts> tab at the top tab strip
  2. Click the >*  (new record) button at the bottom of the form to create a new record
  3. Enter the contact information for the representative and save the record by clicking the record handle with the edit pencil or pressing <Ctrl-S>
  4. Select your company from the <Add to> drop list just below the contact's name
  5. Fill in the position, usually "Account Representative", press <Tab> and click the <Add> button. You will prompted to verify the addition
  6. Click on the <Representative> tab at top and set the new rep's. commission split

To add a vendor:

  1. Click on the Vendor tab
  2. Click the >* button to add a new record
  3. Complete the vendor information such as the phone number and address information
  4. Save your changes, you will be prompted by a wizard regarding vendor preferences for this vendor e.g. Do they ship back orders, should they be on your line card, price list, etc


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