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BrokerForce™ Key Features

Print this list for a comparison with the alternatives.

  • One integrated software - One company, one software for back office, road, showroom, scanning, contact management, web ordering, and customer relationship management.
  • Fast to learn and the best support - intuitively operated, tab strips, tool tips, status bar text, daily tips, context sensitive help files, FAQs on-line, e-mail support at all times, phone assistance 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM  MST  M-F
  • Export orders, import invoices for free to and from your manufacturers in electronic format.  How much time and $ will that save you when you reduce your time posting invoices and commission by 95%?
  • Just want to track commissions? - Select a vendor, a customer, and enter the invoice amount  - commission is calculated for you
  • Orders with or without details? From drop lists you select a vendor, a customer, select a ship date from a pop-up calendar, select items by item number or description - order total, weight, cube, and commissions by line item are calculated for you
  • Bar code printing and scanning included for automating order entry at shows or in your showroom with or without UPCs.  A wedge scanner (~$100) is all you need. 
  • Bids, Jobs, and Quotations - organize, price-out, follow-up, print your bid in a professional format
  • Quickly reconcile vendor commission statements print your reps' commission statements and apply payments in batch
  • No cryptic customer, vendor, or rep codes to memorize - enter the first few letters of the name and the record is instantly located for you
  • One click duplicates an order or fills back orders
  • Samples, Accruals, Serial Number tracking
  • Include your agency and principal's logos on orders and reports
  • Print orders with pictures!
  • Reports are pre grouped, sorted, and filtered or easily customized with your choice of grouping, sorting, and filters
  • Flexible enough to track commissions by price list, promotions, line item, category, order or invoice
  • Manage any number of contacts, vendors, reps, customers, or products.
  • Automated pricing to match any vendor's pricing structure with up to 6 pricing levels, SRP, volume based, contract, bid, category, and promotional pricing.  Commission rates may vary with each. Not an add on
  • It's not a legacy program with a graphic interface, it's a 32 bit architecture application built for Windows.
  • Import from and export to most database formats and EDI - Automated importing of manufacturer catalogs, customer lists, and invoices in Excel, Tab, ASCII delimited, or CSV formats
  • Team and Enterprise versions are network ready - the base program may be installed on 3 machines and a server 
  • Open To Buy, Booked v Shipped, and Contract Fulfillment tracking and reporting
  • Manage vendors' customer numbers, rep numbers, and customers' item numbers
  • ODBC Compliant open architecture lets you use your data with other programs; after all - it's Your Data
  • Manage options such as color and size with percentage, fixed, or alternate price list influences
  • Print your orders with size options, name drop, color, fabric, frame or other in a matrix

You may find some of the features listed above in the alternative programs and many of those features will be in add on modules but, can they do this?:

  • Reverse lookup addresses from phone numbers
  • Create a map to your customer's location
  • Hand-held and Wireless Pocket PC support - Enter orders using our hand-held PocketRep and/or synchronize your contacts with Microsoft Outlook, Symantec ACT, Gold Mine, Palm Pilot, or Pocket PC.
  • Fax or e-mail orders and reports directly from your computer without the cost of a VAN, e-mail links are hyperlinks
  • Use your legacy data from Outlook, ACT, Know It, Rep Biz, Rep Manager, Rep Time, SMS, and others
  • Do you just have the phone number? Click the <Phone> button and reverse lookup the address
  • Include pictures, sound, or video in your product catalogs
  • Mail merge contact information directly into Microsoft Word, a hyperlink to the document is automatically created for you in that contact's communications journal for instant referral at a later time
  • Follow-up appointments and action items go directly into your Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • Keep reps on the road and in synch with database synchronization
  • Store shortcuts to any vendor, customer, or manufacturer web sites
  • Store any number of hyperlinks to any document or file on your hard drive, network, or the Internet
  • Do you know where you're going? Click the <Map> button to draw you a map
  • Integrate orders directly by e-mail with EXCELr8d Order Sheets or by the Internet via your web site 
  • E-mail reports in Excel, Text, Rich Text, Access Snapshot, or HTML format
  • When you e-mail, mail-merge, or autodial from a contact record, BrokerForce™ automatically creates a communications journal entry
  • E-mail merge to your list or a vendor's list of customers l
  • Professional, photo quality reports that take full advantage of your laser or ink jet printer
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