BrokerForce®   Patented - Software for manufacturers' reps              Patent 6,901,380 and patents pending

Scalable for business growth

Append tasks directly into your Outlook calendar, mail merge contact information into Word, and e-mail purchase orders in Excel, EDI, or other database formats.  Further analyze your data with Microsoft Access.

BrokerForce has more than Internet savvy, it employs the Internet.  Super-charge your BrokerForce product and manufacturer information with hyperlinks to interactive graphics and information on the Internet

We invite you to take a tour of BrokerForce™ online beginning with the order form.  After previewing a form, click a tab on the tab strip or a hyperlink hot spot to view another form and its noted highlights.   Online Tour

The Parent Form

Coordinate parent company contacts and contracts for affiliated customers.

  Many of your customers may be affiliated with a parent company.  This form enables you to consolidate, compare, and report this information.

The Customer Form

Customer contacts, orders, and their vendors' customer numbers are consolidated in one place.

Since the current order on the Orders form is with Little Shop of Hors D'oevres, the application anticipates that this is the customer record that will be needed when this tab is selected. In a similar manner, Hors' D’oevres Inc., the parent company, would become the current record if the user selects the Parent tab.

The Vendor Form

Only BrokerForce coordinates the diversity of vendor specific pricing and commission methods

We designed this form to be simple, logical, and handle the broadest range of pricing structures and commission methods.




The Contact Form

Centralize contact information for your customers, vendors, parent companies, and employees.

 Any company may have an unlimited number of contacts and any contact may be associated with an unlimited number of companies.

The Product Form

Coordinate your vendors' catalog information

 When a user moves from one tab to another, BrokerForce anticipates what information is needed. In this example, a user moved to this tab from the order form, the order form's Vendor (World Wide Food Imports), price list (contract for Viand's, Inc.) and product (Port Salut) became the current record.


The Order Form

Commissions may be tracked by just the invoice amount and commission rate, but for the more demanding, BrokerForce completes header information, price, and commission calculations for you.

BrokerForce Pricing

There are two configurations of BrokerForce designed to meet the changing needs of your business today and tomorrow.  Both configurations use the same database back end so that you can start with the smaller version and work your way up without having to re-enter any data. 

BrokerForce™ Enterprise is a scalable network solution for any size business.  Representatives can independently make changes (add orders and contacts) while they are not connected to the network and then synchronize those changes to the office at a later time.  The office can update catalog information that will be picked up by the rep during synchronization.  Enterprise will serve as the backend for your e-commerce web site.  Electronic invoice import is supported for those using our Internet synchronization services.

BrokerForce™ Solo is the best value for a small office or home office that enters orders and tracks commissions on just one computer.  When your business grows, your data will be ready to use with either the Team or Enterprise versions.

BrokerForce® Enterprise


4 station licenses, 1 year product related phone support, 1 year updates


EXCELr8d Orders Module for electronic order sheets



Internet hub replica hosting

$220/mo for 4 users + $47/mo additional users

 * Replication and synchronization tools are included with BrokerForce Enterprise™. See What Are My Choices for Synchronizing Data?

BrokerForce® Solo


1 Single User Version, limited phone support


EXCELr8d Orders Module for electronic order sheets




To order BrokerForce, visit the web site at for a secure ordering connection or call (303) 665-2344 during our business hours of 7am to 6pm Mountain Time. 

BrokerForce™ Takes to the Road

Road warriors take their data on the road and stay up to date with the home office

A sales orders program is inherently a multi-user application and sales reps must ensure that contact and order changes made on the road are incorporated into changes made by colleagues at the office. BrokerForce Enterprise™ provides the tools to make the backend database replicable so that a replica of the office database can be taken on the road. Changes to both copies can be made independently and merged together at a later time via a network connection, modem, e-mail, or the Internet. The key is synchronization!

Many sales representatives still take orders the old fashioned way, writing them down and turning them in over the phone or faxing their hand written notes to the office for someone else to enter into the computer. As a result, there are transposition errors, order delays, and often, variances are not discovered until it is too late. More daring reps take the hot potato master copy of the data on the road. Unfortunately, it seems like this copy always gets damaged or written over by another older copy. The field and the home office are out of synch! Replication enables users at different locations to share and synchronize the changes they are making to the database. The Enterprise 'Make Replicable' tool is used first to conve 'Make Replicable' tool is used first to convert the BrokerForce™ data to a replicable database. Next, the 'Create Replica' tool enables the user to make a full or partial replica for use at an alternate location. The 'Partial Replica' option may be used to restrict the records included in the replica to a date range and/or for a specific sales rep. A date range is used to limit the size of the replica and avoid archival records. A rep specific filter may be applied to limit access to sensitive information. Only customer, contact, and orders information for the rep selected is transferred to the partial replica. When changes need to be passed, the 'Synchronize' tool is then used to exchange data updates.

BrokerForce provides road warriors and home offices with the real time tactical intelligence they need. Brokers or representatives can take a replica of the data to their home or on the road knowing that the orders they take or updates to contact records they make can be synchronized with the main office's master copy at any time. New vendors and products can be added, and order adjustments made at the central office at the same time. The data can be synchronized over a remote access modem connection, the Internet, or via the local area network. Any number of replicas can be made to accommodate the entire sales force. All changes are propagated to the replicas from the master copy and vice versa.


Manufacturers' Reps attract the best lines, add value to their services, and save money with BrokerForce

BrokerForce is the state-of-the-art tool for accepting and relaying orders, tracking commissions, and managing contacts and product catalogs. It adapts to a broad range of selling scenarios and enables the user to take superior care of their customers while increasing their sales capabilities. The program is intuitively operated using a convenient tab strip for instant information access.

How can reps attract the best lines? Use BrokerForce! It satisfies the electronic integration demands of the best principals by automating E-mail, EDI, and data import/export processes. It promotes brand name recognition by adding the principals' logos to their orders, and it hyperlinks to product information and graphics on the principals' Web sites. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office products gives agencies using BrokerForce a new level of professionalism. It mail merges to Microsoft Word, exports order sheets to Excel, places follow-up appointments into Outlook, and can automatically address and send orders via Outlook e-mail. How can data add service value? Data by itself doesn't add value. However, with BrokerForce, an agency can interpret and manage this data to provide value added services. BrokerForce's sales trend reports are easily delivered to the agency's customers to help take the guesswork out of buying. These reports are highly regarded by customers because they provide crucial information like what to buy, how much to buy, and when to buy.

Whether orders are entered only as an invoice amount or entered in their entirety with line item details, BrokerForce can translate this data into meaningful comparative analyses reports for a decisive competitive advantage. Value is influenced by the level of information that can be stored. Any rep can say, "I'll get the manufacturer to mail you a catalog in a week." BrokerForce reps can click a hyperlink and say, "I'm on the principal's web site, would you like me to fax or e-mail their current product information to you now?" Improved order management also improves customer service. In BrokerForce, orders are tracked from their inception through closure with the ability to schedule follow-ups and automatically fill back orders.  

How can having BrokerForce save money? First, agencies equipped with BrokerForce track their own commissions with accuracy that will impress their principals. Commissions that might otherwise be lost will be realized by presenting complete, detailed, professional looking statements to principals on a timely basis. Second, better order management reduces order error rates and related costs that swallow up profits and commissions. Third, money is saved when orders are electronically entered and/or transmitted eliminating transposition errors common to hand written, faxed orders. E-mail your orders directly from BrokerForce to reduce long distance fax charges. Finally, the ability to rank account and line performance allows the agency to better allocate financial and labor resources so that their representatives work smarter, not harder. It all adds up.

Get it - BrokerForce offers scalable versions. Start with Solo and grow to an agency with a hundred or more reps.  Working by yourself or tracking orders with only one computer? Consider BrokerForce Solo. If your expanding business requires  adding reps, and taking orders in the field, use BrokerForce Enterprise. With Enterprise, reps can take orders on the road or at home with a replica of the main database, and the agency will be prepared for e-commerce on the Internet.

EXCELr8d™ Order Sheetss

The simplest, least expensive way to exchange electronic orders

EXCELr8d order sheets are the most cost efficient method for brokers, manufacturers, and their customers to exchange electronic order sheets without the use of proprietary software or value added networks. Users of BrokerForce II can use EXCELr8d order sheets for electronic order exchange with their customers, vendors, and field reps. These users just select a vendor, a customer, and then click on one button to generate an EXCELr8d order sheet and prepare it to e-mail.  an EXCELr8d order sheet? Anyone with Microsoft Excel 5.0 or greater or capable of editing an Excel 5.0 file. This includes Apple Macintosh, hand-held devices running Windows, or any of the 30+ million installed copies of Microsoft Excel. No other customer-side software is required.

Who can create an EXCELr8d order? BrokerForce users have the option to export a vendor's entire catalog as an order sheet, select items in a category, or select only items that have been previously ordered by a customer. After the user selects a vendor and a customer, the user is prompted to e-mail the order sheet for the customer to complete and return. If the user clicks , a new Microsoft Outlook e-mail message is created with the file attached.

Order sheet instructions are automatically inserted into the body text of the message. Click the Outlook button and the order sheet is on its way. After the order sheet is returned, it can be integrated into the BrokerForce™ database in an instant without reentering data. There isn't a more efficient, less expensive way for brokers and manufacturers' reps to obtain orders electronically from their customers.

The only question left is: How soon will your competition have this technology?