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BrokerForce® Takes to the Road

Road warriors take their data on the road and stay up to date with the home office.

A sales orders program is inherently a multi-user application and sales reps must ensure that contact and order changes made on the road are incorporated into changes made by colleagues at the office. With BrokerForce® Enterprise™ we make the backend database replicable so that a replica of the office database can be taken on the road. Changes to both copies can be made independently and merged together at a later time via the Internet.  The key is synchronization, bi-directional synchronization!

Many sales representatives still take orders the old fashioned way, writing them down and turning them in over the phone or faxing their hand written notes to the office for someone else to enter. As a result, there are transposition errors, order delays, and often, variances are not discovered until it is too late. More daring reps take the hot potato master copy of the data on the road. Unfortunately, it seems like this copy always gets damaged or written over by another older copy. The field and the home office are out of synch!

Replication enables users at different locations to share and synchronize the changes they are making to the database.  We make your Enterprise data 'Replicable' so that we can create clones of your data. Next, we create full (all customers, all orders, all vendors) or partial (rep filtered) replicas for use at alternate locations on laptops, desktops and tablets.  The 'Partial Replica' option is selected to restrict the dataset to a specific sales rep.  A rep specific filter may be applied to limit access to sensitive information.  Only customer, contact, and orders information for the rep selected is transferred to the partial replica.  When changes need to be passed, click the 'Synchronize Internet' button to exchange data updates.  Price lists and invoices go to the reps and the reps orders go to the central database. 

A Hybrid replica provides all customers yet order history is limited to just that reps customers, contacts, and order history. This enables a rep to place an order for any other rep without the bloat of order history outside their territory.

BrokerForce™ provides your office, road warriors, and home offices with the real time tactical intelligence they need. Principals or representatives can take a replica of the data to their home or on the road knowing that the orders they take or updates to contact records they make can be synchronized with the main office's master copy at any time. New vendors and products can be added, and order adjustments made at the central office at the same time. The data can be synchronized at any time it's convenient via the Internet.

There's no need for a back office server, network, or to maintain a reliable high-speed Internet connection.  We handle all of that at our secure data center where we have a better than 99.99% uptime record over 5 years.  It's the ultimate form of off-premises backup. 

BrokerForce synchronization is the most efficient bidirectional synchronization there is! Most synchronizations are under 15 seconds with only the changes being passed in both directions.  There's no need to 'Refresh' an entire product database, only the updated products, customers, and orders are exchanged.  Got a new computer or had to format a hard drive, no problem! Just put in a data request and we'll replace the data with another replica.

Any number of replicas can be made to accommodate any size sales force.  Each rep only has his/her customers, contacts, and orders.  There's no user level password security to administrate.  All changes are propagated to the replicas from the master copy and vice versa.

DataForce will host your Internet hub replica and take the worry out of the related network and security administration.  Your reps can synchronize to the hub replica from anywhere with any Internet connection using the highest speed available.

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