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Superior order management for brokers and manufactures' representatives in any industry.  Designed to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365®, Windows, and the Internet.

  • Daily tips, tool tips, status bar text, on-line help, and documentation to learn it quickly
  • Manage any number of contacts, vendors, customers, or products
  • Import from and export to most database formats, e-mail, and EDI
  • Keep track of full or split commissions for any number of reps
  • reconcile commissions by order or line item
  • Manage multiple price lists including volume and promotional prices, bids, quotations, and contracts.
  • Hyperlink to your vendor and manufacturer web sites, documents on your hard drive or local area network
  • Take orders via the Internet with your own web site and EXCELr8d Order Sheets.

We invite you to take a tour of BrokerForce™ beginning with the order form.  After previewing a form, click a tab on the tab strip or a hyperlink hot spot to view another form and its noted highlights.

Order Form (dynamic screen sizing versus samples shown)

Commissions may be tracked by just the invoice amount and commission rate, but for the more demanding, BrokerForce™ completes header information, price, and commission calculations for you.

Click the Parent, Customer, Vendor etc.. tab to view the different forms. Points of interest are noted below each form. Order form screen shot

What about apparel or furniture options?

  • Orders begin by selecting a Vendor and a Customer from the respective drop lists:   Address and contact header information is completed for you.
  • After a product is selected from the ItemNo or ProductName drop lists, the promotion, volume, and contract price lists are checked for alternative prices
  • Orders are received, printed, or sent via e-mail, Fax, or EDI
  • Verify who an order has been sent to, who sent it, and when
  • Commissions are calculated for the entire order, or you can set up variable rates for a vendor in advance of placing orders. These rates can be based on a price list or contract, or they can be factored for a category or individual product variance
  • A click on the toolbar's lock icon (not shown) and commissions information is hidden from view
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