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Superior order management for brokers and manufactures' representatives in any industry.  Designed to seamlessly integrate with Office« 365, Windows 10, and the Internet.

We invite you to take a tour of BrokerForce™ beginning with the order form.  After previewing a form, click a tab on the tab strip or a hyperlink hot spot to view another form and its noted highlights.

The Order Form (all application screens scale to monitor size)

Commissions may be tracked by just the invoice amount and commission rate, but for the more demanding, BrokerForce™ completes header information, price, and commission calculations for you.

Click the Parent, Customer, Vendor etc.. tab to view the different forms. Points of interest are noted below each form. Order form screen shot

What about apparel or furniture options?

Request Information  Click here: For information regarding BrokerForce™ order management software.

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