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The Vendor Form

Only BrokerForce™ coordinates the diversity of vendor specific pricing and commission methods

We designed this form to be simple, logical, and handle the broadest range of pricing structures and commission methods.

Click the Parent, Customer, Vendor etc.. tab to view the different forms. Points of interest are noted below each form. Vendor Form

  • Jump to any order, contact, or customer record by double clicking it in the respective tabbed list.
  • Use the LockView button to hide the Anticipate,OrderAmt, View Sales, and Report controls pending a password.
  • Insert the vendor's logo for professional looking reports and instant visual identification of an order.
  • Managerial decisions are clarified using informative sales reports accessed from this form.
  • Use the PriceLists tab (right) for vendor price list and commission rate management.
  • Easily manage volume based pricing and related commission rates.
  • Print commission statements to send to vendors to help expedite payments and clarify reconciliation. Statements can be faxed or e-mailed directly from BrokerForce™.>
  • Vendor payments are recorded and organized with the Payments tab.
  • Apply payments to orders with the OrdersList tab.


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