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EXCELr8d™ Order Sheets

The simplest, least expensive way to exchange electronic orders 

EXCELr8d order sheets are the most cost efficient method for brokers, manufacturers, and their customers to exchange electronic order sheets without the use of proprietary software or value added networks.  Users of BrokerForce™ can use EXCELr8d order sheets for electronic order exchange with their customers, vendors, and field reps.   These users just select a vendor, a customer, and then click on one button to generate an EXCELr8d order sheet and prepare it to e-mail. 

Who can use an EXCELr8d order sheet?  Anyone with Microsoft Excel 5.0 or greater or capable of editing an Excel 5.0 file.  This includes Apple Macintosh, hand-helds running Windows CE or PocketPC with Pocket Excel, or any of the 30+ million installed copies of Microsoft Excel.  No other customer-side software is required.

Who can create an EXCELr8d order? BrokerForce™ users have the option to export a vendor's entire catalog as an order sheet, select items in a category, or select only items that have been previously ordered by a customer.  After the user selects a vendor and a customer, the user is prompted to e-mail the order sheet for the customer to complete and return.  If the user clicks <Yes>,  a new Microsoft Outlook e-mail message is created with the file attached.  Order sheet instructions are automatically inserted into the body text of the message.  Click the Outlook <Send> button and the order sheet is on its way.  After the order sheet is returned, it can be integrated into the BrokerForce™ database in an instant without reentering data.

There isn't a more efficient, less expensive way for brokers and manufacturers' reps to obtain orders electronically from their customers.  The only question left is: How soon will your competition have this technology?

For more information Click here: EXCELr8d Orders FAQs 

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