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What do I need to do to get training or a free Live Demonstration of BrokerForce™ ?  

1.)  You don't need to download this if you have Windows XP otherwise, download and install Net Meeting.

2.)  Click <Start>, <Run>, enter "Conf" (do not enter quote marks) into the <Open> line, and press <Enter> on your keyboard.

3.)  If you have not used Net Meeting before: You will have to setup the program for the first time.  When prompted, you do not have to enter anything for the description of the connection, click <Next>.  Enter your first name, last name, and e-mail address click <Next>.  Do NOT select to use a directory server click <Next>.  When prompted for shortcuts, you probably don't want them cluttering up your desktop but, that is your option and then click <Next>.Click past the prompts for adjusting your speakers and microphone, we will be using a phone instead.  So, click <Next>, <Next>, <Next>, and <Finish>. 

4.)   Schedule a meeting to have our support team do a live demonstration with you.  We will provide an IP address other than the one that is highlighted in blue in the graphic at right.

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