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BrokerForce™ Pricing

There are three configurations of BrokerForce™ designed to meet the changing needs of your business today and tomorrow.  All three configurations use the same database back end so that you can start with the smallest version and work your way up without having to re-enter any data.  Purchases made within one year date are credited toward any upgrade.

BrokerForce™ Enterprise is a scalable network solution for any size business.  Representatives can independently make changes (add orders and contacts)  while they are not connected to the network and then synchronize those changes to the office at a later time.  The office can update catalog information that will be picked up by the rep during synchronization.  Enterprise can serve as the backend for your e-commerce web site hosted by DataForce, Inc.

BrokerForce™ Team is designed for an office network environment where stations are continuously connected and data is directly shared.  This is the best solution for a small business where orders are entered and analyzed in only one office using 2 to 10 computers.

BrokerForce™ Enterprise


4 station licenses, 1 year product phone support and application updates included


Additional station license @, Internet synchronization required


Internet hub replica hosting

$250/mo for 4 + $38/mo ea additional user after 4

EXCELr8d Orders Module for electronic order sheets



BrokerForce™ Team


Local Area Network version for 4 computers


Additional station license @



BrokerForce™ Solo


Single user version, limited phone support


Annual update and support subscription after 1st yr




* Replication and synchronization tools are included with BrokerForce™ Enterprise  See: What Are My Choices for Synchronizing Data?.

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