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BrokerForce™ is the premiere commissions, orders, contact, and document management application.  It is a 32 bit application designed for stability flexibility.  It provides an unparalleled competitive advantage for manufacturers' representatives and seamlessly integrates with MS Office« and the Internet to cut costs and improve efficiency.  BrokerForce™ can run on a desktop, laptop, Microsoft or Novell network.

Scalable for business growth

BrokerForce Solo  - Manage commissions and orders for any number of reps or vendors on a single computer, there isn't a better value.  Seamlessly move up to Enterprise and deploy to field reps.

BrokerForce Enterprise - A network solution for any size business with remote access users or locations. Includes replication and synchronization, Invoice Import, and Excelr8d™ Orders

BrokerForce PocketRep™- Our PocketPC companion application for any version of BrokerForce™. Use your PDA to one-hand scan or enter orders on the road, at shows, or in the showroom; print orders without docking.

WebOrderIt - Website Ordering powered by BrokerForce Internet synchronization.  WebOrderIt uses our unique, patented method for web ordering and merchandising. Although limited to wholesale trade, these methods provide incredible efficiencies for buyers and sellers of all types.


Web Orders Hosting and Consulting

WebOrderIt™ will be available Fall 2008.  Web site hosting and consulting services will be available for BrokerForce™ clients. WebOrderIt services optimize your investment by enabling customers and reps to enter purchase orders on your agency's web site using their Internet browser.  Orders are synchronized into your database automatically allowing for variance processing before transmitting to vendors.

Request Information  Click here: For information regarding BrokerForce™ order management software.

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