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Take Purchase Orders via the Internet

Beginning Fall 2008, DataForce, Inc. will host your BrokerForce™ data and accept wholesale purchase orders and account requests via the Internet. Orders are submitted using ASP technology, transferred via e-mail to the company designated "inbox" anywhere in the world, and imported directly into your local company replica. Orders can then be synchronized to all agency members and transmitted directly to vendors in a variety of formats following your review.

Wholesale ordering has specific requirements that do not conform to the traditional shopping cart model commonly used on the Internet.  Wholesale ordering is a process versus an event. Some buyers want to take their time, whittling the order to just the right level. Others want fast, efficient, 10-key ordering. The BrokerForce™ ordering model is tailored to the needs of the business to business community.

Make the Web your next Employee

Coming Soon To A Screen Near You
Our orders integration demonstration is being remodeled, but we can assure you that you will want to check back on this one. We will soon be announcing a new, ultra-efficient method for obtaining orders via the Internet.

The Power of Our Information:

Business Acumen
Our retail and wholesale experience was gained in the trenches, so we know what your information needs are. Before we began programming, each of us owned and managed our own successful retail and wholesale operations. We also know that no matter how you approach it, ROA, ROI, or PV, you make an investment like this for one reason-to make money. We just happen to have fun doing it.
Programming Power
With over forty years of combined programming experience, we've written a diverse collection of custom applications. Our programs benefit from our programming and business experience as well as our computer science and business degrees.
Superior Service
The technology is awesome, but we know that your business can rely on only the best service and technical support. Your technical needs are specific and immediate. You can not and will not wait for an answer. If this describes you, we can provide the service you expect. Contact us today for pricing information.

Request Information  Click here: For information regarding BrokerForce™ order management software.


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